YouTube Stars Jake Paul And Tana Mongeau Are Officially Getting Married

The pair have been part of the rumor mill for a while about their relationship. Now, they are officially tying the knot and have planned a wedding. Jake Paul is known for his work from the now-defunct Vine video platform, among his YouTube videos and roles in Bizaardvark. 

Image: The Daily Dot

Tana Mongeau is known for her appearances on Escape the Night and YouTube. The pair announced their wedding date to a crowd attending VidCon on Saturday.

Sources from Entertainment Tonight, mentioned all of this took place during a Q&A session during VidCon where digital video and online creators come together. Paul went on stage, letting Tana know he had a surprise for her.

While on stage, Jake said the following reciting an emotional poem and even warned the crowd to cover their ears if they were under 18. Paul continued smiling and limping around on his crutch on stage, but not before saying both he and her were meant for one another despite what critics say. All of this isn’t for attention and is not a fake engagement. This is what Jake said:

“Welcome to the Paul family, we welcome you with love,From the moment I met you we fit like a glove. Logan and Bella can hate, The world can question our fate, But on July 28, you can all save the date.”

“Welcome to the Paul family, we welcome you with love. From the moment I met you, we fit like a glove,” he continued. “She’s the ying to my yang … Dear Daily Mail stop hating on the rang. From Calabasas to Vegas to getting blacked out, it’s about all of our moments and not just the clout.”

Previously, Tana Mongeau dated actress and singer Bella Thorne, after they shared a steamy kiss at the Life Is Beautiful music festival. They were inseparable for a while anyway. After hearing the news, Bella Thorne weeped in tears after learning of the engagement.


Also, Tana seemed to be dating a Justin Bieber look-alike for a while, which fooled the internet as well. It seems things have changed for Tana after meeting Jake. Perhaps the pair are meant to be after all. Was it love at first sight for them?

(Source: Showbiz Cheatsheet and People)

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