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Vanessa Trump sent to hospital after opening strange white powder

In New York, Vanessa Trump who is the wife of Donald Trump Jr. was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center on Monday. Apparently, she opened up a piece of mail, which had inside of it an unidentified white powder substance. Later, officials determined it to be non-hazardous, but didn’t disclose any information about what the white powder was.

Vanessa Trump sent to hospital after opening strange white powder/

Vanessa Trump sent to hospital after opening strange white powder/

“The substance had arrived by mail and it was addressed to Donald Trump Jr.,” said New York Police Department spokesman Carlos Nieves.

There were in total three people from the household, who were transported and examined further for a medical evaluation according to Fire Department spokeswoman Sophia Kim. Vanessa Trump, the daughter-in-law of U.S. President Donald Trump, mentioned that she was experiencing nausea, after being exposed to the white powder.

Authorities have been on high alert since 2001, when a number of envelopes were laced with anthrax and sent to U.S. lawmakers, killing five people in total. While privatized security is also in place for the Trump family, the U.S. Secret Service is also in charge of protecting not only the President but his family as well. Officially, no White House comments have been made just yet regarding the white powder substance.

The location of where Vanessa Trump was, when exposed to the substance was in Manhattan’s Sutton Place neighborhood, not far from the East River. This apartment is believed to be the residence of Vanessa Trump’s mother, according to local news outlets. Donald Trump Jr., is the President’s eldest son.

Both Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr. have been married since November 12, 2005. They have five children together. Donald Trump Jr. has been in the public eye since 2016, dealing with fake news media, regarding Russia’s involvement with the Presidential Election.

He has met with a Russian attorney and others when the Trump campaign, was offered potentially damaging information about Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Strangely enough, in 2016…white powder was sent to Eric Trump who is Trump Jr.’s brother.

(Source: Reuters)

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