The Walking Dead fans petition to have Showrunner Fired

The Walking Dead fans are bitter, after something dramatic happened on the more recent episode of the series. They are so bitter in fact, that they have signed a petition. There is one fan named Tyler Sigmon, who has actually created and signed an online petition, to have The Walking Dead showrunner, Scott Gimple actually fired from the series. Ouch harsh!

Image: The Walking Dead season 8 from AMC

Image: The Walking Dead season 8 from AMC

Some people really have an ax to grind over things. All of this started, after a fan favorite will be leaving the series after what happened in the latest episode. This petition is regards to one of the shows main cast members, actually getting the ax it seems.

For those who haven’t seen what happens yet, you best stop reading now. Spoiler alert ahead, the decision has been made to kill off the character Carl Grimes who has been a part of the show since Season 1. Carl Grimes, has since become a leader of sorts, after his actions in the series based upon Robert Kirkman’s source material. While Carl Grimes is not officially dead as of yet played by actor Chandler Riggs, the decision has upset many people including his father.

Image: The Walking Dead Carl and Negan from AMC

Image: The Walking Dead Carl and Negan from AMC

The Walking Dead series is produced by the AMC Network. It is based upon the graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont. The scenario if the series is an apocalyptic one. The world dramatically changes as an infection takes place reanimating the dead back to life. They must feed upon the flesh of the living, to maintain their existence. So far, the series has lasted for 8 seasons. From what is known, the 8th season is already completed. Another 8 more episodes are on the way when it picks up again.

Realistically, the corpses would have shriveled away into nothing but bones at this point. But hey, this is a television series after all. Perhaps the virus, is able to keep the zombies going somehow. The origination of how the virus started, hasn’t been revealed yet in the series, but many are curious about it. Perhaps by the end, it will all be explained.

In regards to Chandler Riggs not being around any longer, it is all speculation at this point in time. A decision will have to be made if not already whether or not Carl Grimes is finished forever. Scott Gimple will have a difficult decision to make after all of this. Will he leave fans disappointed or renew their faith with some kind of other scenario? Some people however believe that killing the character Carl, will actually be good for the series.

Certainly so, fans have their right to express how they feel about the direction the series is heading in. Like many series, they often fall prey to advertising dollars and viewer ratings. Word of mouth can also be a powerful thing. People now anxiously await the next episode ready to air again on February 25th, 2018. In the meantime, angered fans can express their voice over at So far, 35,000 signatures have been collected.

(Source: Uproxx)

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