The Spice Girls are back together!

It seems it’s finally happening! The Spice Girls are getting back together again! The long awaited friends and collaborators, have made the world a happier and fun place together. This reunion will feature the girls, now grown up with more going on in their lives than ever before.

The lineup will include all of the five original Spice Girls. Some people are really freaking out over all of this. The ladies got back together at Victoria Beckham’s home. This reunited five piece are pop culture fab, once who took the world by storm. All of the ladies are getty about this, including Beckham, Geri Horner (né Geri Halliwell), Emma Bunton, Mel B and Melanie C.

Image: Girl Power Spice Girls/Aol

Image: Girl Power Spice Girls/Aol

More plans are being made at Simon Fuller’s home located in London, to discuss further Spice Girls business opportunities with the women. Simon currently is the group’s manager and was spotted arriving at the property.

It is difficult for any musician to give up their craft. The girls got an itch to scratch and a tour no doubt is in the works. It is unknown if new material is on the way but more than likely yes. When Victoria Beckham posted this Instagram photo of all of them together, it sent the internet into a frenzy. Some have said it even broke social media on Friday.

Spice Girls reunion 2018

Rumors of the group getting back together, has been going on for years ever since the band briefly reunited for the 2012 London Olympics. After four years, The Return of the Spice Girls Tour back in 2008 grossed well over $70 million dollars. It is clear that fans are ready to watch the girls perform once again together. Those who missed out girl power before, will now get their chance. Things have changed since the world last followed the fab five.

(Source: Aol)

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