Self-Driving Car tests stop after woman loses her life

In the wake of a heart wrenching moment, car manufacturer Toyota has for now…pulled the plug on further testing their self-driving automobiles after a woman lost her life. The Toyota company has partnered with Uber, who provides a peer-to-peer ride sharing service, along with food deliveries. Together, these companies had high aspirations for bringing safe, reliable, automated transport to the public. It seems these services, will need some retooling after all.

Elaine Herzberg Uber car crash Tempe, Arizona

Elaine Herzberg Uber car crash Tempe, Arizona

Controversy surrounds this service, after 49 year old Elaine Herzberg died on Sunday. She appeared suddenly out of the shadows and then was suddenly struck down by the autonomous car. It happened in Tempe, Arizona. Police have since released the video of the fatal crash, that involved an Uber-owned self-driving car.

Uber driver before hitting Tempe, Arizona woman Elaine Herzberg

Uber driver before hitting Tempe, Arizona woman Elaine Herzberg

After investigation, the Uber control driver…was looking down just before impact that hit a woman who was walking just outside of a crosswalk. The incident is still being investigated by multiple sources.

Elaine is seen in the video, wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans, during the night hours while traversing across the road with her bicycle. The vehicle that hit her, was traveling northbound just south of Curry Rd.

People often think that any car will stop for them, as they cross the street. Perhaps after this incident, people will think more carefully. All it takes is a mere moment for something to happen. Unfortunately, this woman will be known as the first to die by a robotic automobile.

A spokesperson released a statement saying: “Our hearts go out to the victim’s family. We are fully cooperating with local authorities in their investigation of this incident.”

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board both mentioned that they are investigating this incident in Tempe. More details will certainly be released later. This story was made international news around the world.

(Source: Autoevolution and BBC)

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