Sandra Bullock stalker suicides after police standoff

Actress Sandra Bullock is clearly upset, after her experiences with a stalker named Joshua Corbett. Back in 2014, Joshua broken into Sandra’s home located in La Crescenta, California. His intention was to sexually assault her. Police later found two dozen illegal firearms, along with other ammunition inside of his residence.

Image: Sandra Bullock and Joshua James Corbett/TV Guide/CBS News

Image: Sandra Bullock and Joshua James Corbett/TV Guide/CBS News

Today, after a five-hour standoff with a Los Angeles SWAT team, Joshua took his own life, inside of his Los Angeles apartment. He was only 42 years old. Joshua refused to leave his apartment after police arrived on the scene.

He died from a self-inflicted injury, more than likely a gunshot wound, as details are still being released. However, no shots were heard, leading to suspicions that another weapon of some type was used.

Yesterday, on Wednesday May 3rd, the Los Angeles Police Department served a warrant at Joshua’s home, located in the 2400 block of Harmony Place. It was around 6:45 a.m. SWAT officers first arrived on scene, after Joshua threatened violence according to officials at the scene.

Information in regards to why the warrant was served remains sealed. No further information was disclosed by the police department as of yet. Joshua was found dead inside of his apartment when the police later entered.

Undergoing psychological issues, Joshua was sentenced to five years of probation and later ordered to undergo mental health treatment. He later pleaded no contest to charges brought up against him regarding the initial June 8, 2014 incident at Bullock’s West Los Angeles home.
Sandra Bullock, decided to hide inside of a closet and then called 911 for help meanwhile trying to remain calm while talking with a dispatcher.

So far, Sandra Bullock hasn’t made any public comments yet about the death of Joshua Corbett. Likely she is upset about it, as more details about this are released. The price of fame, is a difficult thing to deal with, this is part of the dark side of Hollywood.

(Source: CBS News, ABC News and The Mercury News)

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