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Relive 2017 through the Snapchat Memories app

Being able to relive and review the year through a series a pictures, is something people have done for years. Typically, people would put together a scrapbook filled with photos, as they would turn pages of memories.

However, times have certainly changed. Now, with various apps such as Snapchat, people are able to fondly look back upon 2017. It is something that most people would truly treasure, allowing them to reflect upon their life. Snapchat, has enabled users, with the ability to glance at their snaps. This new app, will let users playback not only photos, but videos as well – which they have taken over the course of the year. Snapchat has embraced their users by listening to them.

So, how exactly does this exactly work?

Snapchat Memories app

In order to access this feature, users will need to find and press the memories icon. This is located at the bottom of the screen, seen when loading up the Snapchat app. After this is pressed, users can then select “A Look Back at 2017”. Then the user can playback their photos and video through a series timeline.

It is assembled much like a story is put together. A user can actually customize this by selecting “Edit Story”. When this is done, a prompt will appear with the letter “X”. Users can thereby remove any unwanted snaps that were taken. After this, a user simply saves what they want and can then share the playback with friends, family and followers.

  • Important to note, if a user updates their Snapchat to the latest version then locating the 2017 memories will proven to the difficult. It is recommended, to manually head over to the App Store or Google Play Store, to see if an update for the Snapchat app is readily available. Users should then update so that the new features will be available to them.

Most users are saying that this works far better than what Facebook is doing. It is cleaner and easier to understand. The Snapchat app, is only available to those who have saved Memories previously. Notably, users who have not previously created any Memories will find that their year-end story, will be rather short lived.

Relive 2017 through the Snapchat Memories app

Snapchat enabled its Memories feature in 2016. The idea behind this was to give users a place to share their snaps with one another. Earlier on, each Snapchat post would previously disappear mere seconds before being sent. This made the app ideal for sharing offensively provocative content. As with most technology things only continue to improve, we look for big things from not only Snapchat but other social media sites in the new year.

(Source: Tech Times)

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