Rare Super Blood Moon eclipse coming soon

Those who don’t look up at the sky very often…should make time in their day on Wednesday, January 31st. They will bear witness, to one of the most magnificently rare events only seen possibly once in a mere lifetime. Known as “Super Blood Moon”, this phenomenon happens every 150 year or so.

This occurs when the Earth seems to align in front of the Sun, making it appear as if the Moon has been ‘blacked out’. After this, the Moon becomes 33% larger than normal, during this fascinating display being cast high in the sky above.

Image: Super Blood Moon 2018/Inhabitat

Image: Super Blood Moon 2018/Inhabitat

Many astronomers and enthusiasts alike, will gaze upon this night and early morning, wanting to witness this with they own eyes. Both the blue moon and blood moon, will merge together after 150 years.

This rare combination, hasn’t happened since 1982 and will not happen again until the year 2033. These marvelous events, are the latest in a string of “supermoon events”. The first in recent times was back on December 3rd of last year and then later on January 1st of 2017.
Those living in Europe and other locations unfortunately, will be out out luck for a chance at seeing this event.

According to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) the US West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii will all have a spectacular view from start to finish throughout the entire event.

Image: Reuters

Image: Reuters

Those living in Eastern time zones in the USA will have a more difficult time trying to view the Super Blood Moon. Estimated to happen at 5:51 AM EST, people will have to make time in the early part of their day to lay witness to this.

NASA also mentioned that in the early 2030’s this so-called solo trip would last about 300 days when the next Blood Moon shows again.

Those interested, should perch themselves high atop a tall building or hill to get a better view with either a binocular or telescope. The department of public instruction is urging all teachers in schools to encourage students and parents to view this rare natural phenomenon.

(Source: Deccan Herald and Daily Star Sunday)

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