Paris Hilton Promotes Yeezy Season 6 becoming Kim Kardashian

The pair have been together for a while now, yet Kanye West wanted to do something special for his beloved Kim. This time, a photo shoot was done to show off the fashion and style that Kim Kardashian was sporting while out one day long ago.

Image: Kim Kardashian Kanye West at VMAs/

Image: Kim Kardashian Kanye West at VMAs/

These looks, are to be made into a lookbook for Kim, family and friends. Most notably, was paparazzi starlet Paris Hilton who donned the likes of Kim, while she was out on the town. This photo was extra juicy, as years ago both Hilton and Kardashian were in the cross hairs of a feud of sorts. Both of them previously grew up together since childhood and Kim even was an assistant to Paris during her early years filming, The Simple Life television series.

Time passed and Hilton’s shining star was soon fading back in 2008. Now, Kim Kardashian has since become a household name, including her musician husband Kanye West. The two women it seems have since remained in good communication with one another. Paris Hilton is now sporting the same outfit, that Kim was previously seen wearing.

Some think, of this as both a tribute and comeback of sorts for Hilton. The feud however futile it was, is now in the past it seems letting bygones be bygones. Paris admitted to talking about Kim’s butt, saying it was “gross” and reminded her of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.

Kayne West has spun these series of photos into mega-memes. Now, there are multiple Kim clones seen wandering around the streets with platinum manes and comparable outfits on.

Paris appeared in a series of three different photos, wearing a platinum wig which looked like her childhood friend in upscale athleisure. Both Paris and Kim took to Instagram to share the photos as seen below.

Paris Hilton as Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton as Kim Kardashian car

Paris Hilton as Kim Kardashian Instagram

(Source: Bustle and Refinery29)

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