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Netflix Releases Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer To Rave Reviews

Many have been awaiting this infamously amazing series, that has captured the hearts of those who grew up during the 1980’s. When some folks watch this show, they are seemingly teleported back to their childhood. The science fiction series, has made stars from its cast and millions watch each time a new season premieres on Netflix.

Netflix Stranger Things 3 Trailer
Image: Insider

A series such as this, has mass appeal reaching audiences between 18-49 years old. It is the most popular streaming show in the entire world. On average, each episode receives 8.8 million viewers. When the series first premiered, there were 15.8 million US viewers alone – who watched within the first three days during the series premiere. One survey mentioned, that 23% of those aged between 30-44 years old, watched each and every episode.

Stranger Things 3 Cast Netflix
Image: People Magazine

The three-minute trailer shows a more mature cast, many things have happened to them in their lives on and off screen. The first released trailer for season 3, makes you want summer to be here right now! The trailer is filled with much 1980’s nostalgic, including a musical serenade by rock legends Mötley Crüe and their smash hit song “Home Sweet Home”.

After hearing this and seeing the gang aged a bit, audiences understand that a year has since passed by since the events that took place back during Season 2.

Season 2 was set back in 1984, capturing some atmosphere of everything back during that time. With so many pop-culture references squeezed into 1985, the 1980’s kids are left drooling for even more.

Image: The Wrap

The new season will take place over July 4th,1985. This won’t be a typical celebration, stranger things will take place. The young cast will face battle with otherworldly supernatural type forces aside from facing puberty.

The series takes place in the fictional hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. It seems everyone is excited for this release. The trailer can be seen below and has already received nearly 15 million views within 24 hours.

(Source: CNN Entertainment)

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