Mandalay Bay Massacre kills many injuring others in Las Vegas

Tragically, a lone gunman perched himself high above the 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Concertgoers tried their best, to avoid being shot dead. Unfortunately, the lives of more than 59+ people were claimed on Sunday. Terrifying screams were captured with cell phones, as the carnage continued.

Image: Las Vegas shooting massacre killer Stephen Paddock

Image: Las Vegas shooting massacre killer Stephen Paddock

The 64 year old lone gunman’s killing spree, also injured 500 people which has been reported about so far. There may be more casualties before all is said and done. The gunman has been identified as Stephen Craig Paddock. From what is known, he has been staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino for a number of days arriving on September 28th, before committing his premeditated acts of evil. Stephen lived in Mesquite, Nevada.

Stephen rapidly fired upon the crowd, after shooting through the window of his room—before finally turning his gun on himself. Apparently, he was heavily armed, as he brought a small arsenal of weapons with him. From what is known, there were more than 59 guns found in the hotel room and his home so far. It isn’t known which type of weapons were used just yet.

Image: Mandalay Bay Massacre New York Times

Image: Mandalay Bay Massacre New York Times

Hotel staff, pin-pointed the room Stephen was in, after all of the smoke fumes from the shootings set off a smoke alarm detector. Police and other local authorities are investigating further details of the incident. Police first arrived on the scene, at around 10 PM (1 AM EST) at night in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, told reporters that Paddock killed himself before police arrived at his room. Initially, it was believed that the police shot Paddock.

Meghan Kearney was one of the witnesses s who spoke with MSNBC. Then she said:

“We heard what sounded like firecrackers going off. Then all of a sudden, we heard what sounded like a machine gun. People started screaming that they were hit.” “When we started running out, there were probably a couple hundred people on the ground.”

The crowd of around 22,000 people gathered initially, expecting to have a good time while watching a country music festival. Instead, many were left with a haunting night that they will remember forever. Prayers and thoughts go out to all those families and friends, who have suffered through this great tragedy. May they all find some sense of solace and peace—after the worst massacre in United States history. The shootings are not believed to be connected to any type of international terrorism.

In memoriam of the victims of this tragic massacre, the flag at the White House and U.S. Capitol were lowered at half-staff on Monday. President Donald Trump said he will be visiting Las Vegas on Wednesday and called the shooting “an act of pure evil.”

(Source: NBC News)

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