Magician David Copperfield forced to reveal trick in court

The famous 61 year old David Copperfield, a well known magician has recently been under fire for one of his tricks performed at MGM Grand Las Vegas back on Nov 12, 2013. It seems that one 58 year old British man, got more than he bargained for. He was among 13 different people who were randomly chosen from the audience to participate in the show. The man’s name is Gavin Cox and he works as a chef.

Image: MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas

Image: MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas

During this time, Cox said he was injured during the act after getting on stage and later disappearing behind a large curtain. The passageways he went through were filled with dust and debris making his visibility rather limited. He emerged later, in the back of the MGM Grand theatre. Before Cox reached the back, he said he fell suffering brain and body injuries.

The lawsuit initiated by Cox, forced Copperfield to reveal the working mechanics of his trick on stage. This same trick, has been performed by Copperfield for well over a decade. Executive producer of the show, Chris Kenner took the stand on Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Chris later disclosed, just how the trick in question was performed. Known as Lucky #13, the trick starts off by choosing from the 13 different audience members at random. The ones selected, are thereby taken on stage to sit on a platform.

Image: Magician David Copperfield/New York Post

Image: Magician David Copperfield/New York Post

Copperfield then says, “We’re going to send you all to hell,” to the participants. “This is like going on vacation, only hotter, with more familiar faces.” Copperfield then covers them with curtains…meanwhile bantering with the crowd. Eventually, the group vanishes and moments later, he points back towards the back of the room where the 13 people chosen are later standing.

While the premise of the act is a simple one, the assistance of stagehands are a key part of it. They guide the audience back through the passageways with flashlights. Once the curtains are raised, these people are easily concealed from view away from the audience.

Gavin Cox apparently worked for the British Royal Family. He is claiming that his medical bills totaled in excess of more than $400,000 dollars. Cox says, his injuries will likely plague him for the rest of his life.

(Source: Page Six)

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