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Lori Loughlin And Felicity Huffman Get Shamed Over Admissions Bribery Scandal

Both actresses have had longevity in their careers, they both seemed to be good people. Behind closed doors, actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman decided they would stop at nothing to get their children into prestigious schools. Lori Loughlin thought they she could buy her children Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose a way in…along with their education.

Lori Loughlin And Felicity Huffman
Image: Lori Loughlin And Felicity Huffman/Consequence of Sound

The backlash has been brutal for both ladies, as investigations are still underway over some of these allegation charges. These incidents have set back both women and their careers in Hollywood.

Actress Olivia Munn commented about this on Twitter:

“What these parents did wasn’t for love, it was for fancy diplomas. Love would’ve made you spend that money on tutors to make your kids smarter, giving them an actual education.”

“The irony will be, that these parents spent all this money to hustle into top universities and are now in the middle of this (expletive) show just to find out in a few years that their kids only have dreams of being an influencer,” she tweeted back on Tuesday.

Both Lori Loughlin age 54 and her husband Mossimo Giannulli age 55, are now being charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. From what was stated at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston, the couple has reached an agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston.

Image: Lori Loughlin daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose/TMZ

An agreement was made, for the couple to pay a $500,000 dollar penalty fine…over getting their daughters (Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose) into the University of Southern California under false documentation. Both women contributed a “donation” to charities which simply do not exist.

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The sum of the donation made by Felicity Huffman was $15,000 dollars. In exchange for this, her daughter was then able to take her SAT exam inside of a controlled testing environment. Later, a proctor would “secretly correct her answers afterwards,” according to various prosecutors.

Hallmark’s parent company, Crown Media has since tried to sever ties with Lori Loughlin, who has been one of the faces of the network channel. They have produced a number of holiday family entertainment type movies and shows. This scandal has set them back as well. The network may even wash their hands entirely of Loughlin (over this incident) to uphold their wholesome network image.

According to the USA TODAY, both actresses were involved with the nation’s largest-ever college admissions bribery case prosecuted by the Justice Department.

(Source: USA Today)

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