‘Joker’ Receives Standing Ovation At The Venice International Film Festival

Quite impressively, when leading actor Joaquin Phoenix’s name appeared during the closing credits scroll, the audience stood up cheering and applauding for an estimated 8 minutes. ‘Joker’ is an interesting film that is directed by Todd Phillips, who co-wrote the screenplay along with Scott Silver.

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker Oscar Buzz
Image: Joaquin Phoenix/unilad.co.uk

The film centers around a DC Comics character known as Joker. Actor Joaquin Phoenix, portrays the leading character Arthur Fleck / Joker. More or less the film comes across as an American psychological thriller film. 

Late actor Heath Ledger was the last to really do justice to the Joker character. However, he tragically died back on January 22, 2008 from Cardiac arrest.

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker
Image: Joaquin Phoenix as “Joker” by Niko Tavernise

Joaquin Phoenix, brings his own flare to the role. The Joker becomes a nemesis to Batman later. He is a mentally ill, impoverished stand-up comedian, who has become disregarded by society. His twisted sense of humor is his trademark among his painted clown face look.

When asked about Heath Ledger’s Oscar winning Joker portrayal, Phoenix said it did not influence him. He went on to say, “I didn’t refer to any past iteration of the character, It just felt like something that was our creation in some ways.”

Robert De Niro also appears in ‘Joker’ as Murray Franklin. He is a talk show host, who plays a significant role in Arthur’s (Joker’s) downfall. Director Todd Phillips origin story, sets up the scenario and tone for Batman’s arch-villain.

There has been significant buzz around the film which has been growing steadily over time. The Warner Bros. release will likely get a nod for Oscar mentions. Two press screenings have been held so far and both of them were packed solid. 

This film is part of the DC Comics universe, yet it stands alone as a real origin type story. There are no appearances of Batman as the caped crusader or is allies. ‘Joker’ is scheduled to be released in the United States on October 4th.

(Source: Page Six)

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