Indian baby falls to death as mother and father take selfie

Tragically, in the country of India, a video captures a mother taking selfie photos along with her husband. Moments later, their child falls over the side of the escalator railing to its death. This occurred at a shopping center located in Ganganagar, Rajasthan. It happened on 5/10/18.

Image: News Lions

Image: News Lions

The family was out shopping at the mall, after taking their baby girl to a nearby clinic for a routine check-up. Closed-circuit television footage, captured the entire thing. It is tragic and shows how self-absorbed people have become using their cell phones.

People are becoming complacent in what they are doing. They are not paying attention to things around them, even while walking across the street or while driving. It is a problem that needs fixed ASAP within all societies around the world.

Seen in the disturbing video, the young child died at around 12:00 in the afternoon. The mother is dressed in orange and is seen carrying her daughter. The couple can be seen previously walking off camera before later appearing again on the escalator to the floor above.

Image: News Lions

Image: News Lions

Witnesses said, that the husband had asked his wife for a selfie..while they were on the escalator. This caused the mother to lose her balance, as she is seen dropping the baby that fell three storeys below. As seen, the baby is first seen hitting the railing before plummeting through the escalator gap.

CCTV footage then shows the parents reacting in complete shock and horror, as they leaned over the railing looking for their daughter.

The child died instantly, as she landed on the bottom floor below. Local police said, that this is a clear-cut case of an accident. The couple will not be taking any legal action. Studies initiated by Carnegie Mellon University and Indraprastha Institute of Information Delhi, say that India has the highest number of deaths related to selfies in the entire world.

There were 127 reported selfie deaths worldwide between March of 2014 until September of 2016. Out of those deaths, 60% percent of them (76 in total) happened in India.

(Source: The Straits Times)

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