Holly Marie Combs angered over Charmed series reboot

It was a series that defined a generation of young women making their way in the world. Now, the series, is attempting to make a comeback after being rebooted. Nearly anyone who watched Charmed on television, is completely against the idea.

The CW Network, is behind the reboot known for other supernatural shows like The Flash, Supergirl, The Arrow and others. The network, has built a name for itself with superhero and fantasy type shows all around.

Both CBS and Warner Bros. have some serious explaining to do, if this goes through. Fans are clearly upset and one former star of the series, Holly Marie Combs voiced her opinion on Twitter about the idea. She was clearly upset, along with many fans who also voiced their opinions about the decision to release the upcoming pilot soon.

Holly Marie Combs from Charmed/Paramount Television
Holly Marie Combs from Charmed/Paramount Television

The Charmed series followed the Halliwell sisters, as they battled the forces of evil…meanwhile trying to maintain their anonymity as witches living in the modern day world. The show was set in San Francisco, California.

Those behind the idea of a Charmed reboot, include Jane the Virgin creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman. Executive producer Ben Silverman, Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin, the pilot’s director Brad Silberling is involved as well. The Charmed script sets up for now modern day living based upon a story slant.

Image: Halliwell sisters from Charmed
Image: Halliwell sisters from Charmed

This time like the last series, are three sisters. Only this time, they will be in a college town environment, where they are found out to be witches. Comparably to the original, the sisters will also fight demons and other supernatural entities. The CW are plugging the show to be a “fierce, funny, feminist reboot of the original series”.

It is not known if this reboot will be connected to the original television series. News of this broke on Thursday, Jan. 25th when The CW ordered a pilot episode. Many feel that the original cast, were and still are “Irreplaceable.”

Brian Krause, who played the character Leo, voiced his opinion about the reboot saying “Who’s excited?”

(Source: Bustle and Deadline)

Holly Marie Combs angered over Charmed series reboot

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