Hailee Steinfeld And Jimmy Fallon Perform Impromptu Medley Together

On the The Tonight Show (which aired Wednesday night) actress Hailee Steinfeld along with host Jimmy Fallon performed an attention getting impromptu medley. The buzz about these two on stage, has people raising questions such as was this all rehearsed?  Jimmy Fallon seemed smitten by Hailee as she belted out a myriad of tunes during a segment known as “Beat Battle”.

Hailee Steinfeld and Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show

Image: NBC/Andrey Lipovsky (via ABC News Radio)

Between the two, they criss-crossed together on stage spouting out different hit songs. Whatever came to mind, they tried to incorporate it on stage. Many might not know actress Hailee Steinfeld is an accomplished singer as well, with 13 different soundtrack credits to her name.

One of her songs “Back to Life ”is featured on her latest film release “Bumblebee”. This is a spin off film from Transformers franchise series of films. Hailee performed this song along with others including TLC’s “No Scrubs” among others.

Jimmy Fallon kicked things off by singing his rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Delicate”. Over the second beat, Fallon and Hailee managed to go from Camila Cabello to Maroon 5 to Shaggy to Whitney Houston to Smash Mouth to Miley Cyrus.

The third round opened up with Hailee pulling performing the Bee Gees’ classic “Night Fever,” while Fallon swiftly followed with a rendition of Steinfeld’s own “Love Myself.”

Hailee Steinfeld and Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show Medley
Image: Rolling Stone

While Jimmy Fallon said that there would be no winner or losers, whoever couldn’t think of anything would lose. From them on, the game was on. Jimmy said they were tied during the first round anyway.

The crowd seemed lively and enjoyed their efforts it seems. Perhaps the two will collaborate again in the future possibly on a film project. They seemed to have good chemistry together.

Some of the comments from YouTube included:

“She destroyed him and I was annoyed that he wanted to start all rounds.”

“Her desperation after he sang the song she was thinking of. Hahhahaha!”

“Hailey is a good singer and a great actress, plus she seems so cool! And Jimmy Fallon is very entertaining!”

(Source: Rolling Stone)

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