Google’s Fi Wireless Service Adds “unlimited” data plan with Bill Protection

Those struggling with mobile data limits are in for a treat, as Google is re-launching their service known as Project Fi. This revamped service, will offer mobile phone users a unlimited mobile data plan for $60 with ‘bill protection’ enabled.

Project Fi, will cap every user’s bill at $80 dollars a month regardless of how much data they will use. Users will still pay $20 per month for unlimited talk and text with $10 per gigabyte of data. But instead of letting those numbers climb up, Google will now cap them at $60, or the normal charge for 6GB of data.

Before all of this was in place with bill protection, users would pay $20 for 2GB, $45 for 4.5GB, $50 for 5GB, and so on. Users will continue to pay $10 per GB until 6GB. The plan extends upwards to 15GB as a user would pay nothing extra.

Google Project Fi new service fee

However, users will then begin to experience slower data speeds until their next billing cycle starts again. There is the option to opt out of the program and then continue paying $10 dollars for every GB used over the 15GB marker.

More than likely, anyone streaming this much would prefer higher speeds from this point onward. For most people, 6GB a month should be good enough. This holds especially true for users who have Wi-Fi access at home or work.

People who do stream many videos while on the move, the extra 9GB should help them over the course of 30 days. Data-hungry people will have to tough it out after they reach 15GB. According to Google’s data there are less than 1% who exceed this at any given month. Project Fi will reduce the users speed to 256 kbps.

Project Fi also offers plans for groups of up to six people, and the more people on a plan, the more data will be allowed.

Google Project Fi chart

“But since the major carriers have rolled out unlimited data plans over the past two years, the Fi service has become less appealing for heavy data users. Someone who used 10 GB in a month, for example, would pay $120 on Fi, versus the standard unlimited data plans of AT&T (T, +0.42%) at $90, Verizon (VZ, +0.10%) at $85, Sprint (S, -0.98%) at $60, and T-Mobile (TMUS, +1.83%) at $70, that all cost less for one line. And some of the carriers have even cheaper unlimited plans that slow download speeds or impose other limits.” – Venture Beat

(Source: Venture Beat and ZDNet)

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