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Gal Pals Kylie Jenner & Sofia Richie Get Fab At The Beach Together

The two have been friends for a while and recently went to Turks and Caicos. The tropical getaway, gave them an excuse to pose for a number of photos while basking under the sun together. 

Image: Metro UK

Kylie gave her former brother-in-law’s new girlfriend a sweet shout-out. Billionaire Kylie posed nude while wearing just a sun hat. Her sultry snap was later posted on her personal Instagram account entitled, “Vacation mode.”

Image: Sofia Richie/Instagram

Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie were wearing matching outfits at one point. Sofia later posted a picture on Instagram showing off their look together. They were wearing matching black bikinis and snap backs while enjoying a day out by the beach. Many thought they looked gorgeous. 

Fans were flabbergasted when they found out Kylie invited Sofia on her trip. Both of them along with select friends, were there to help support Kylie’s Skin line launch.

For sure a professional photographer was brought along to capture everything they did while there. Kylie has a pink Skin-branded private jet, which they arrived on. They picked out different outfits to tease the cameras with. Many of them were matching intentionally.

Image: Access Online

Some controversy surrounds the pair, as they have been blamed for using facetune among photoshop to manipulate their photographs. If you look at parts of the wall, they look unnatural. One person said, “The curve of the wall sis, we were all rooting for you to not facetune like the rest of them!” 

The “rest of them,” presumably, are the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, who have been called out for bad photoshop in the past. Sofia was quick to fire back with a sassy reply. “Thanks boo! But that is an archway 😘,” Sofia commented, explaining why the “fan” noticed a curved line in the wall behind her. Brava!

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Both Kylie and Sofia have known each other since they were only 14 years old. 

(Source: Hollywood Life)

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