Former Playboy Playmate plunges to her death with son

In a disturbing act, former 46 year old Playmate centerfold model Stephanie Adams, jumped along with her 7 year old son Vincent, to their deaths from the 25th floor Midtown hotel penthouse on Friday. Stephanie endured years of lawsuits, failed relationships along with a child custody dispute.

It seems that her life, was filled with tragedies, that she just couldn’t overcome…taking her son’s life as well. The mother and son were discovered on top of the Gotham Hotel from the suicide leap. Police noted both of them were found dead at the scene.

Police said there was no note left in the room, where the two spent the night by themselves. Investigators were looking for video, to determine exactly what happened. Their bodies were initially spotted by a guest at the E. 46th St. hotel off Fifth Ave.

Adams was in the middle of a divorce from her husband Dr. Charles Nicolai, owner of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness, according to various court documents.

Image: Stephanie Adams Playmate Death/Twitter

Image: Stephanie Adams Playmate Death/Twitter

Stephanie previously accepted an offer to appear the the infamous Playboy Mansion. She said, “It’s every bad girl’s dream and every good girl’s fantasy.” Stephanie was featured in Playboy Magazine as “Miss November 1992”.

Stephanie was interested in fashion design as well. Perhaps this was her secret passion. Before posing in Playboy, she signed up with Wilhelmina Models and later on with Elite. Her photos were submitted to Playboy by a photographer with her permission “for fun.” This changed her life quickly, after appearing in the magazine.

When Adams appeared in Playboy Magazine, she declared herself the first openly lesbian Playmate. Before admitting to this, Stephanie was linked to dating Calvin Klein supermodel Ted Stephenson, Elite agency founder John Casablancas and actor Robert De Niro.

Allegedly, Stephanie was married to an Italian investment banker, whom she subsequently divorced. She also claimed to have been raised by former models in the industry.

The Playmate was quoted as saying, “I prefer shooting to shopping and — although I might look girly, I am far from it. As far as anything else; well, as much as there is written about me, there is so much more to me.

“No one truly knows me but my family and I often surprise them once in a while. Mystery and controversy have always stood guard beside me, seldom allowing folks to get close enough to know more about me and I kind of like that, so let’s stop there.”

(Source: Fox News and New York Daily News)

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