First Female Official Sarah Thomas Makes History With Her NFL Playoff Debut

In a league that has been around since 1920, the NFL has prided itself upon being innovative and bringing sports to the forefront of society. Now, the football league has its first female NFL official on the field. Her name is Sarah Thomas and she was one of the officials during Sunday’s NFL playoff match up between the San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots.

Image: Sarah Thomas NFL official/USA Today

Previously, the league was known by several other names, such as the American Professional Football Conference (1920) and the American Professional Football Association between (1920–1921). A lot has changed over the years and now Super Bowl LIII will be played in Atlanta, Georgia. Which has a retractable roof stadium to help prevent the weather from spoiling the festivities. The Superbowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

The event will be held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the NFL Falcons team calls home. This is the 53rd Superbowl to be held. It is the ultimate championship game, it marks the best two team from each football conference to match up with one another.

One of them, represents the American Football Conference and the other the National Football conference. There are 32 different teams in the league with 8 different divisions in total. There are 4 in the AFC and 4 in the NFC.

Image: Sarah Thomas Sunday NFL playoff San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots

From Foxborough, Massachusetts, Sarah Thomas watched the game unfold first hand. Any woman, will appreciate just how far things have come in society with a female official on field. Sarah worked as a down judge during Sunday’s divisional-round game between New England and the Los Angeles Chargers. The league proudly tweeted from their account on social media site Twitter regarding Sarah and her efforts on-field. Sarah was hired back in 2015 and was the league’s first full-time female official.

Another official Terri Valenti, worked during Saturday’s playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts, this is also a first. It seems the league is taking a new direction on different issues with women working in the league as one priority. The NFL already does great work regarding its relationships with charities, sponsorships, children programs and more. This is a step in the right direction it seems for everyone.

(Source: ESPN)

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