Choking hazard recall issued for Animal-shaped Dr. Brown pacifiers and teeth holders

While out shopping for useful and practical things for our children, we often expect them to be approved by health and safety commissions. However, this time…one item seemed to slip by any product testing and has since become a threat to small babies. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has reported about 67 different incidents regarding pacifiers and teeth holders.

Image: Dr. Brown pacifiers and teeth holders pacifier recall today/News Channel 12 ABC

Image: Dr. Brown pacifiers and teeth holders pacifier recall today/News Channel 12 ABC

These reports include ribbon frayed and detached pacifier/teether holders that were defective. However, no injuries have been reported about yet. Fearing for the safety of small toddlers and babies using pacifier/teether holders, there were 600,000 Dr. Brown’s Lovey pacifier/teether holders that were recalled on Thursday. Currently, the only remedy is product replacement as notices and further warnings have been sent out by the company and to the media.

Young babies and toddlers would be in danger from the ribbon that detaches, which can choke them as a hazard. This warning is something to pay attention to. There are a documented 590,000 pacifier/teether holder units which have been sold in the United States and another 10,500 sold in Canada.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, mentioned that these pacifiers were sold at some of the following retailers: Bed Bath & Beyond, H-E-B Grocery, Kmart, Target, Toys “R” Us/Babies “R Us,” Walmart and online through Amazon. The pacifiers were retailed at around $10 dollars and were on sale between August 2015 to March 2018.

These pacifier/teether holders were stylized resemble different animals. The specific recalled pacifier/teether holders are the giraffe, zebra, turtle, deer, bunny and special holiday-edition reindeer, frog and the Spring bunny.

Dr. Brown pacifiers and teeth holders pacifier recall

While shopping for toys for children and pets, it is wise to pay attention to the fine details and warnings on all of the labels. Certainly there are a fair share of get rich quick schemes and sometimes cheap products, can break easy leading to bad things happening later. When it comes to children and pets think practical and buy what you really need. Those parents who bought this item, should check for the following codes on the tag:

RICH0615, RICH0715, RICH0815, RICH1215, RICH0516, RICH0616, RICH0716, RICH1116, RICH1016, RICH0916, RICH1216, RICH0317, RICH0417, RICH0517, RICH0617, RICH0717, RICH0817 and RICH0917. You can also check if you product was affected using this Dr. Brown’s web page.

Those who were affected by the recall, should immediately take the product away from young children and contact the import company, Handi-Craft, for a replacement product. The company’s phone number is 833-224-7674.

(Source: Newsweek)

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