Burger King explains “Net Neutrality” with clever new video

A clever ad campaign created by fast food restaurant chain Burger King, explains in a nutshell just how net neutrality works. Using actual customers for the commercial ad, they show just how ridiculous things can go.

Essentially, this is a social experiment, made by them, showcasing how bizarre things have become for people. The fast-food company, is fully in support of net neutrality. This federal policy, requires that all internet traffic, be treated equally by internet service providers. The video, was launched yesterday entitled “WHOPPER Neutrality”.

Image: BURGER KING® from YouTube

Image: BURGER KING® from YouTube

Amusing enough, viewers can watch just how far and fed up people can get paying different prices for the same product or service. Burger King, hopes that this video will explain just how something as this can affect people’s everyday lives.

The Federal Communications Commission, voted back during December to scrap the Obama-era net neutrality rules. This was a major victory for large internet service providers. Meanwhile, a number of other companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon have all been in favor of keeping net neutrality rules in place. The fear is, service providers could also block or slow down selected websites and/or other services.

Burger King’s flagship sandwich, known as the Whopper, is sold to unsuspecting customers in tiers. Burgers are then sold, based upon the amount made per second. Comparably, this refers to Mbps (megabits per second) for internet access speeds, further proving a point. Those who want their burger fast, have to pay $25.99 for it.

However, don’t worry, as you can buy a Whopper sandwich for $12.99 or $4.99. In reality, the Burger King franchise, sells a Whopper sandwich typically for around $4 dollars.

“Are you kidding me? You paid $26 for a Whopper?” one woman asked.

“He’s higher priority, so …,” responded another worker.

Ultimately, the decision of net neutrality still remains up in the air. A number of attorneys representing 21 different states are now suing to block its repeal. Internet changes may well go into effect as early as this year.

So far, Burger King’s video, has garnered much attention and undoubtedly brought them some new customers along the way.

(Source: NBC News)

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