Brooklyn Decker Gets Blasted Over Her Boobs

Known for her current role as Mallory Hanson on the Netflix series ‘Grace and Frankie’ former full-time model turned actress Brooklyn Decker, is getting blasted over her new look. She notably was known for having large breasts. Now at age 31, the model and actress, is giving her take on what happened to her breasts and more.

Brooklyn Decker
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Brooklyn was born in Kettering, Ohio and is the eldest child of Tessa Renee (Moore) who works as a nurse and Stephen Michael Decker a salesman. Brooklyn explained to fans, friends and others that after you pop out a kid, things can change.

Brooklyn is well known for having large sized breasts and sported her pre-baby body out in public. She explained that having people point out that you look completely different now and body shaming doesn’t go far with her. Brooklyn said, “We don’t need someone telling us, we used to, ahem, look different.”

Those on the social media site Twitter, are now confused over her new gangly new look. Most people remember the model looking so good back in 2011. Many were left scratching their heads why and what happened?

People change, it is part of life they will not have youth but for so long. Now, Brooklyn is taking care of her family. Her children Hank age 3 and Stevie who is 14 months old, seem to have take a toll on her. But to Brooklyn it is worth it, motherhood changes a woman. Brooklyn is married to former professional tennis player Andy Roddick.

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Decker has German, English, and Irish ancestry. When she was a teenager, she was discovered by a talent spotter in a shopping mall in Charlotte, North Carolina and embarked on a modeling career. Her first modeling engagement was for a prom dress maker.

One fan said she, too, wondered, late at night, where her boobs snuck off to.

“I always wonder where my boobs went after having my two children. WHERE DID THEY GO?? Of course, I say this to myself, at night, in privacy. I don’t care who you are, no ok to say this to you!!”

Decker replied by saying, her new bras are simply swaths of fabric suggesting the body she used to inhabit. She also said, “The funny thing is I haven’t had time to buy new bras, so they are like empty shells of their former life. A daily reminder of what I once was!”

(Source: USA Today)

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