‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Tanks, Critics Say The Miley Cyrus Episode Was Worst

Since the release of the Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’ many have been left scratching their heads over what they have seen so far. Unfortunately for Miley Cyrus, things have been bad for her from critical reviews.

Miley Cyrus Black Mirror Season 5
Image: Netflix

Critic Ben Travers from IndieWire, pointed out the flaws of the episode with Miley saying, “This is a mess, This overly cutesy entry feels like the biggest punt of them all. Somewhere buried within the 67-minute episode, is a discussion about replacing pop stars with holograms and mining their memories for new marketable material, but the whole thing is so cartoonish it’s impossible to take any aspect seriously.”

Miley Cyrus, stars in the episode titled “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.” Miley is pressed to depend on her very own experiences, being in the industry as a pop persona. The series has her portraying a character named Ashley O.

Miley’s character struggles from the pressures of being a popstar. The comments of her performance and the scenario, has been criticised for going far beyond any kind of reality. The episode was quote: “Wildly off-the-rails, without bringing any depth.”

Daniel D’Addario from Variety Magazine said, “The most majestically wrongheaded installment not merely of ‘Black Mirror’s’ run but, too, of at least the past year in prestige television.”

Further comments included Kathryn VanArendonk of Vulture saying the episode was “muddled and pointless” and wrote that it “ends without any of the punchiness or sharp insight that characterize ‘Black Mirror’s’ best stories.” VanArendonk went on to say the entire season was “exquisitely dumb.”

Dave Nemetz from TV Line said, “It’s a mediocre disillusioned-pop-star story fused with a mediocre awkward-teen story. It gestures in the direction of some interesting points about exploiting a celebrity’s likeness, but most of its insights are ultimately trite, and the final act takes some truly ridiculous turns that feel very un-‘Black Mirror.’”

IndieWire went on to rank “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” as the fifth worst episode in the entire franchise’s history. Perhaps from all the negative commentary, it will only further help the series to be seen, as many are now curious of how bad it might be.

(Source: IndieWire)

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