Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked In South Africa

Hollywood action star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was suddenly kicked in the back at an event in South Africa recently.

Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked

During his appearance at the Arnold Classic Africa Festival in Sandton, Johannesburg…Arnold was ambushed and struck in the back by someone in the crowd. All of it happened rather suddenly as a man approached Arnold and then kicked him in the back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked South Africa

Moments later, Arnold stumbled back towards the crowd of people standing next to him. After this happened, the attacker was removed from the Sandton Convention Centre by security guards.

Image: Michele Spatari/AFP/Getty Images

The 71 year old actor, has since confirmed he will not be taking legal action after he was attacked at a sports event in South Africa. He later responded to the concerns of this man’s well being and posted on social media.

This is what Arnold said, “A lot of you have asked, but I’m not pressing charges. I hope this was a wake-up call, and [the attacker] gets his life on the right track.”

In an earlier post, Schwarzenegger had said that he was initially unaware he had been kicked, and thought he had “just [been] jostled by the crowd”. His attacker was quickly subdued by security personnel at the scene.

Obviously, Arnold is still in fairly good shape for his age. Likely the kick didn’t do much damage to him. Arnold is an aging action star who has portrayed many tough characters on screen including Conan the Barbarian and The Terminator among others.

Arnold is a diversified personality and has a long history of being in the public eye. It is unknown why this man attack Arnold, perhaps out of jealousy.  

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor, filmmaker, businessman, author, philanthropist, activist, politician, and former professional bodybuilder and powerlifter. He served as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 up until 2011.

(Source: The Guardian)

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