Arizona Kroger Customers Now Get Groceries From Drones

As a test market, grocery store franchise Kroger has set up a special partnership with Silicon Valley startup Nuro. Together, they are now bringing customers living in Scottsdale, Arizona goods via from a drone.

Nuro 1 Kroger grocery delivery
Image: The Drive

The Nuro R1 transport model, is essentially a modified version of a Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf vehicle. This vehicle is equipped with autonomous driving software and can bring customers their orders directly to their homes.

The functionality of this drone delivery vehicle is a curious one. It does have self-driving ability able to navigate through streets, find addresses and avoid obstacles. Upon arrival of the designated area, the drone can be accessed by the customer.

Customers will then retrieve their order through the vehicle’s delivery compartment. The vehicle is outfitted with a wide array of self-driving sensors and cameras, including a radar and light detection sensor. Also, a (LiDAR) sensor, has been placed upon the roof of the vehicle.

With the LiDAR sensor, targets are illuminated with laser light pulses which measure the distance away from the target. A 3D representation is created of the surrounding area, which is further used to map out details. This surveying method, helps the drone to find its way to the customer.

A smartphone app, has been designed and setup…allowing customers to enter their information upon purchase and getting their goods from the mobile food cart of sorts. After delivery, the vehicle will leave the area back to its station or “home”.

This new series of drone vehicles are able to transport up 20 grocery bags, that aren’t necessarily restricted to edible items. Nuro’s R1 transports deliveries from Fry’s Food Stores with a $5.95 fee. There is no minimum order requirement for same-or next-day deliveries.

Things such as these are the wave of the future, which will change how we live today and how we shop. More technology such as this is in the works, which will change our modern grocery store shopping experience forever.

(Source: The Drive)

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