Ariana Grande Look-Alike Stirs Buzz On Social Media

Many cannot tell the difference between them. They appear to be twins but are not related at all. Paige Niemann started to use TikTok back in 2017 and she has amassed quite a following online. The 14-year-old social media star, has devoted her entire account to impersonating Ariana Grande right down to her voice and lip syncing.

The real Ariana Grande is 26 years old and rose to fame first from the Nickelodeon television series Victorious as Cat Valentine and its spin-off Sam & Cat. The singer, songwriter and actress has since gone on to sell many records. She has appeared in 61 different productions as an actress. 

Ariana Grande Lookalike Paige Niemann
Image: Paige Niemann as Ariana Grande/

Paige Niemann has become darn good at imitating the real Grande. She would likely fool anyone glancing at her on the street. The uncanny resemblance, may have given her a career for now mimicking the pop star. 

Many folks on the internet think Niemann’s impressions come across as being both “creepy” and “terrifying.” But this isn’t her intention, she just wants to master Grande’s entire persona it seems. Her makeup really does put her over the top, giving her that doppelgänger achievement.

Likely she will continue with this for some time, as it is bringing her a lot of attention. So far, she has amassed nearly 2 million followers on TikTok alone. It seems some Ariana’s fans are enjoying this while others can’t stand it. Some people make their living becoming look-alikes, perhaps this young lady is on her way.

Some think it is flattering and sweet. Watch the following clips to see her outstanding imitation on TikTok. So far, she has received 13.6 million likes. Now, the look-alike wants to break out on her own. Who knows what the future will hold for her, but it seems the spotlight is upon her now.

(Source: Mtv)

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