Area 51 Raid Fizzles But Festivities Continue

It all started when a Facebook user named Matty Roberts jokingly suggested everyone should storm Area 51. After this, it became a meme and magnified from there. The raid was set to take place at 3:00 AM on 9/20/19. Everyone initially was going to meetup at the Area 51 Alien Center in Amargosa Valley. 


There were a few folks who actually showed up, but nothing like the anticipated millions coming. The raid was technically canceled online, after it started to go viral. Even aMatty Roberts (the event page creator) said it was all satirical.

As it turns out, those people who showed up, didn’t get very far…as the road to reach the base was sealed off. Some people walked on foot to reach the bordering gate, but couldn’t get past the police and other officials there waiting for them. Online there were more than 2 million people who signed up to attend the planned raid.

While at first dismissed as a bit of fun, the Facebook event stirred up something that forced US Air Force officials to take seriously. They even issued warnings to people to stay away from the base site.

The Area 51 facility is located in Lincoln County, Nevada. Getting there can be tricky and it isn’t an easy place to find. However, today so far…one woman was arrested for public urination and one 20 something attempted to cross into the base property line. She was arrested and taken away.

The other people here who haven’t stormed the gates are attending several parties that have been setup. What is known as “Alienstock” has been running and will be a weekend-long celebration of anything alien related. 

Area 51 alien props in chairs
Image: Area 15/Twitter

Another event in Lincoln County that will be taking place is “Storm Area 51 Base Camp”, on September 20th to 21st. This event is selling tickets on Ticketmaster ranging from $48 for general admission all the way up to $535 for the VIP package. It makes one wonder whether or not the VIP package will include meet and greets with actual aliens?

It is amazing that something like this took off so quickly and people rallied around and embraced the idea behind it. Before the day ends likely a few more arrests might take place. However, it didn’t turn into a big raid event like initially planned. That is good for everyone, as many people might have been detained and/or possibly killed. 

(Source: Freak Lore and Heavy)

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