Amazon Go store launched today in Seattle, Washington

Juggernaut company Amazon, continues to innovate and create new ways for people to shop and live their daily lives. They haven’t perfected it yet, but have recently launched a new shopping experience. In Seattle, Washington, the very first public store has been opened known as Amazon Go.

These stores will make shopping a delight for customers, as they simply grab their phone once entering the store and then grab whatever items they need. There is no need to wait for a clerk to ring you up at the register, you just get the item off the shelf and walk out the store with it.

This streamlined experience in theory, will save people time in their busy day. No doubt, that Amazon will be configuring and testing this location, to iron out all the bugs in the system before adding more locations. This will change the way we shop forever. The convenience is the selling point of these new stores. People will be able to buy things, much like how other convenience store are setup.

Amazon Go store launch Seattle Washington

With the new Amazon Go locations, customers will be required to use the Amazon Go app when they enter the store. This provides a form of digital identification. Any item that a shopper places into their bag, will automatically charged to their account. Likewise, if they change their mind about an item, the system will remove the charge when they place it back upon the shelf.

This really is easy as pie. Through the use of innovative technology, sensors are used along with multiple cameras located in the store. If people attempt to steal something, they more than likely won’t get away with it. They will be charged for the item, when they attempt to walk out the door with it.

With Amazon pioneering this, others will soon follow. Perhaps one day, we will see only robots inside of stores, with very few humans working there. This will be the downside to something such as this. Jobs will seemingly disappear within these types of industries. Currently, there is estimated to be around 3.5 million Americans employed who are working as cashiers.

For now, there will be human beings still working at the store locations but not very many. At the moment this location had in total, six employees on staff. Other issues need to be addressed such as IDs for liquor and cigarette sales among food being prepared by cooks.

Amazon Go line Seattle Washington

It seems that at the Seattle, Washington store location, a huge line awaits those eager enough to try this new way of shopping stretching around the corner. Perhaps Amazon will reconsider launching more locations soon, as there appears to be a high demand for something such as this already. Amazon has since become the largest online retailer in the world, launching back on July 5, 1994 in Seattle, WA.

(Source: bigthink)

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