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Actress Jessica Alba’s Twitter Account Was Hacked

Unbeknownst to her, actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba had her social media account on Twitter hacked. The messages started to appear late Saturday night / early Sunday morning with a series of racist and homophobic tweets being made by the hacker(s).

Jessica Alba hacked on Twitter
Image: Jessica Alba/Getty Images/Yahoo

Jessica Alba herself didn’t have any idea that her account was hacked for a while. A backlash of sorts has begun to happen because the celebrity didn’t respond fast enough.

The entire thing is ridiculous on different levels including the breached security. A number of tweets were made referring to rapper YNW Melly, who is facing the death penalty if he is convicted for the double murder of his two friends.

The damage was done for a while anyway. Whoever hacked Alba’s account, spammed out a number of tweet messages over the social media platform. The tweets apparently remained up for around several hours. Twitter staff members soon took down the tweets. Surely, they didn’t think they would be dealing with such a fiasco on Sunday morning.

Jessica Alba’s name soon enough started to trend on Twitter. Fans among others were shocked to read the messages that came through the system feed. It is unknown yet where Jessica was or what she was doing while all of this took place. 

In all likeliness, she was probably vast asleep at home or elsewhere. Many are still scratching their heads over what happened and who was responsible for the hack. There may have been multiple hackers responsible for all of this.

Statements were made on Twitter such as, “I hacked Jessica Alba’s twitter account because I was sick and TIRED of her with her vitamin bull and also she has an easy password.”

The starlet hasn’t responded yet with any official statements yet. Someone really should inform her what happened ASAP.   

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

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