Actor Mark Ruffalo Gives Praise To Women Everywhere On Twitter

The actor took time out to wish women everywhere a happy day. Today is International Women’s Day. Mark Ruffalo, is known for his many screen appearances, most notably as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Marvel’s Avenger Universe franchise. Mark has piled up quite a resume of credits. The actor now has 69 appearances on screen.

Mark Ruffalo International Women's Day Twitter Photo
Image: MarkRuffalo/Twitter

Mark Ruffalo had the following to say:

“Hi everybody, I’m on the set of my new movie with Todd Haynes,” Ruffalo said, from the set of his movie with Todd Haynes, “And I just want to shout out to International Women’s Day, thank all you women in the world for all the beautiful work you’re doing. Especially these days.

It gives me a lot of hope to see so many women leaders finally taking their place — their rightful place — in the power structure. A special thanks to my wife, Sunny, and my mom, and all the women in my life. Love you guys. Love you, my little daughters. Have a great day.”

It seems the actor is receiving back a fair amount of positivity, from his recent responses on Twitter recently. Woman’s Day dates back to 1975 and was later proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as an official holiday for women everywhere. The holiday also signifies March 8 as the UN Day, for women’s rights and world peace.

Without women, people wouldn’t be here. Women’s rights have far progressed and have changed over time. Women deserve and should receive the respect of men. This day is a tribute to the hard working women out there, who are mothers and within the workforce. The world has made progress, but is far from perfect when it comes to women’s rights and how they are treated. Likely as time passes, we will see improvements for everyone.

(Source: The Cut)

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