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Actor Chris Hemsworth Get’s His Face Slammed In Birthday Cake

Image: Chris Hemsworth as Thor/ScreenRant

Image: Chris Hemsworth as Thor/ScreenRant

Chris Hemsworth just celebrated his birthday, which was rather remember able for him.  Chris Hemsworth who rose to fame with the his portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Universe, celebrated his 35th birthday recently along with his wife of eight years Elsa Pataky. Their three children were there with him, 6-year-old daughter India Rose along with 4-year-old twin boys both Tristan and Sasha.

Chris Hemsworth with wife Elsa Pataky birthday party

Chris shared his birthday special pictures with fans on social media, holding a piece of birthday cake with candles lit all around it. The picture had the caption saying: “Immediately after this shot was taken, my son viciously attacked me from behind (due to his ninja training) and slammed my face into the flaming candles”. He added the hashtag with this joking statement: “I’ll now be playing Deadpool if @vancityreynolds pulls the pin”.

Brother and fellow actor Liam Hemsworth, presented a special gift to his brother, meanwhile reminiscing about one of their most memorable sibling fights. He wrote on Instagram, with a black-and-white photo of the pair. The message read: “Happy birthday @chrishemsworth I remember the first time I ever threw a knife at your head, there was this look of pure fear in your eyes. You’ve come a long way from that scared little kid… I’m proud of you. You’re my hero. Love U heaps and heaps”.

Some of his fellow celebrity friends, also shared special messages to him along with pictures wishing Hemsworth a Happy Birthday. Pataky shared a loving message on Instagram which read: “Happy birthday to my biggest child! I love you to death@chrishemsworth. Let’s be kids forever!!” At the same time, the Avengers: Infinity War costar Josh Brolin stated: “Happy Birthday, man, from the deepest part of my trachea”. A lot of inside jokes seem to be between these celebrities. They however, seem to enjoy the interaction with one another.

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(Source: People)

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