2 dead,19 injured from shootings at Marshall County High School

Another great tragedy recently happened in the state of Kentucky. So far, there have been 2 reported dead from a senseless shooting and another 19 wounded. This happened at Marshall County High School in Benton, KY on Tuesday morning. No motives for the killings have been released as of yet.

Image: Marshall County High School shootings Kentucky (Ryan Hermens / AP)

Image: Marshall County High School shootings Kentucky (Ryan Hermens / AP)

It was a frenzied moment, when hundreds of children ran for their lives running and driving away from the school. They didn’t stop, until they reached a McDonald’s restaurant more than a mile down the road. A local businessman named Mitchell Garland provided shelter to around 100 students at his local business. He knew something was wrong, when he noticed kids running down the highway.

Garland said: “They was running and crying and screaming, They were just kids running down the highway. They were trying to get out of there.”

It took more than a half-dozen ambulances, along with a number of police cars, to converge upon this tragic day. Officers wore black fatigues and were armed with assault rifles.

Later, the Federal authorities responded to the scene. Senator Mitch McConnell also sent staffers to the location. Governor Matt Bevin, left from the Capitol located in Louisville, to the scene of the shooting. There was a sense of panic, as parents desperately searched for their children.

From what is known, a 15 year old girl was killed immediately and later a 15 year old boy died at the nearest hospital. It is believed that all of the victims were students at the school. The shooter will be charged not only with murder, but attempted murder as well. So far, police haven’t released the identity of the shooter yet.

Image: Marshall County High School Kentucky/CBS News

Image: Marshall County High School Kentucky/CBS News

Governor Matt Bevin commented saying: “This is a wound that is going to take a long time to heal….Some in this community will never fully heal.” Bevin said earlier in a statement that “It is unbelievable that this would happen in a small, close-knit community like Marshall County.” But many school shootings happen in small towns.

A spokeswoman named Tavia Smith said, there were five students who were flown 120 miles away to Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The shootings happened in what is known as the common area, around 8am this morning.

Sixteen-year-old Lexie Waymon said she and a friend were talking about the next basketball game when bullets went whizzing through the air.

“I blacked out. I couldn’t move. I got up and I tried to run, but I fell. I heard someone hit the ground. It was so close to me,” Waymon said. “I just heard it and then I just, everything was black for a good minute. Like, I could not see anything. I just froze and did not know what to do. Then I got up and I ran.”

Waymon did not stop running, not even when she called her mom to tell her what happened. She made it to the McDonald’s, her chest hurting, struggling to breathe. “All I could keep thinking was, ‘I can’t believe this is happening. I cannot believe this is happening,'” she said.

(Source: Los Angeles Times and CBS News)

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