Greg Allman dies at 69 years old, leaves behind a legacy of music

Gregg Allman Dead
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Gregg Allman Dead

He was one of the greatest musicians of all time. He inspired so many and left the world with different musical memories. Today, the world lost a legend Gregg Allman he was 69 years old. Gregg inevitably died from a liver transplant procedure which was done back in 2010. He later contracted cancer from this as complications arose d. Gregg was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1999.

His persona captured the essence of a rock n’ roll outlaw. He will be remembered for his long blonde hair, voice and mastery of instruments. Fans, friends and family no doubt will miss him.

Gregg became the front man of his band for an astounding 45 years. Unfortunately, Duane his older brother lost his life back on November 1971 from a motorcycle accident. The two brothers had a fire for music in their bellies, battling over a single guitar purchased from Sears for $21.95. There was no doubt, these brothers were going places musically with their trailblazing Southern rock n’ roll tunes.

Later, Gregg dodged the Vietnam draft from a medical exemption. He apparently studied the least damaging and best place to shoot himself in the foot. It was all for the love of rock n’ roll and following his dreams.

Gregg Allman on stage

Like many musicians, Gregg Allman suffered from his addictions. This included different drugs and alcohol use throughout his career. In 1975, Allman was 27 years old and downing a quart of vodka each day. From living the hard life on the road, his addictions eventually caught up to him in recent years.

Gregg’s music will live on. Songs such as “Trouble No More” (1969), “Midnight Rider” (1970), “Blue Sky” (1972), and “Ramblin’ Man” (1973) have since become a part of music lore. The track “Ramblin’ Man” (1973) became a top ten hit on the Billboard charts.

Director Cameron Crowe later was inspired by Gregg in particular, for the band Stillwater who appeared in his 2000 film Almost Famous. As the Allman brothers fame grew, they reached milestones like the record-breaking 600,000 fans at The Summer Jam in Watkins Glen, N.Y. (The Grateful Dead also performed then) Several splits with The Allman Brothers band took its toll on them, including Allman clashing with Betts for control.

Gregg Allman leaves behind his wife Shannon Allman, his five children: Devon, Elijah Blue, Michael Sean, Delilah Island, and Layla Brookyn. He is also survived by three grandchildren, his niece Galadrielle Allman, and his lifelong friend Chank Middleton. While his loss affected many, he now no longer suffers so.

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