Colin Kaepernick is anxious to get back in the game

Colin Kaepernick surprised
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Image: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Image: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

While he has been a controversial player so far in his career and has had his share of ups and downs, Colin Kaepernick is now back on the market for a quarterback position somewhere in the NFL. He brings forth his scrambling ability and a strong arm. His main drawback, is focus on the field with his distractions regarding the National Anthem fiasco.

Perhaps under the guidance of the right coach, he can help bring back the Lombardi trophy one day. He came close in Super Bowl XLVII. While many 49er fans are still sour about wide receiver and former teammate Crabtree being held in the end zone by Ravens Cornerback Jimmy Smith. It ultimately cost them the Superbowl win. Some believe that both Crabtree and Smith equally committed penalties on the play.

All of this is in the past, now Colin Kaepernick needs to get focused for whats next in his career. He is still young and has some experience behind his belt. Coach Pete Carroll from the Seattle Seahawks recently was eyeing Kaepernick as a backup to QB Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks are also exploring options for former Redskin QB Robert Griffin III as a backup. In hindsight, they may even take them both as time passes. The football injury rate is 100% and injuries happen quite often. Having someone experienced even as a backup is something any team needs.

Coach Pete Carroll said: “We’ve been tracking everything that’s going on, and we’ve got cap and roster issues and stuff like that that we’re still trying to make sure that we manage properly. But quite frankly, yes, we are looking at all those guys.” “We’re always looking at whatever’s available, to keep it competitive [at quarterback], too,” Carroll said. “Trevone did a nice job for us last year, but we’re still looking, as we always will.”

Image: Colin Kaepernick surprised, The Mercury News

Image: Colin Kaepernick surprised, The Mercury News

While Colin Kaepernick has been waiting around for his next quarterback gig, he is managing to stay in shape and is positive he will find something soon somewhere in the league. The ever durable Russell Wilson to date hasn’t missed a game yet in his five-year NFL career. The 28 year old Russell Wilson, is locked into a long-term deal eating up a $18.8 million dollar salary cap for the Seahawks. He’ll remain under contract for several more years beyond that, before his contract is up. More than likely he will get some sort of extension before his contract ends.

A lot of these guys don’t seem to have their heads screwed on straight as Rookie Trevone Boykin was Wilson’s backup last year after signing as an undrafted free agent. He later was arrested several times for both public intoxication back on March 27th and later for marijuana possession. He also was in violation from a probation which dates back to December of 2015 from his TCU days.

Both the Seahawks and Colin Kaepernick have some thinking to do before the season starts up again. Ultimately, things will work out for player and team. The sky is the limit for Colin Kaepernick as he continues his football journey.

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