America’s Got Talent deaf singer woos crowd leaving some speechless

America's Got Talent deaf singer woos crowd leaving some speechless
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Perhaps nearly everyone has heard about the television series “America’s Got Talent”. However, not everyone has heard what this performer can do. Her name is Mandy Harvey and she turned in a rather stunning performance, highlighted by her hearing impairment—that has since taken the internet by storm.

Mandy’s soulful performance is now making people smile, cry and cheer as she reaches more people each day with her music. It is difficult to overcome adversity but Mandy is on her way to something special. She has already journeyed far, to reach this point in her life and with her musical career.

Mandy Harvey America's Got Talent deaf singer woos crowd leaving some speechless

Image: Mandy Harvey America’s Got Talent

So far, the hearing impaired singer has earned a Gold Buzzer from judge Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent. Cowell was also adamant about saying her performance was “one of the most amazing things” he’s ever seen or heard.

Everyone seems to love seeing someone succeed who has faced great hardships in their lives. It is the American dream to press forward and ultimately become successful at something. Before Mandy’s performance, she was questioned by Simon Cowell before performing. She mentioned that she suffered hearing loss at age 18 from a connective tissue disorder. She has been singing since she was 4 years old.

Now, the 29 year old singer from St. Cloud, Florida has learned to cope with her disability. She essentially taught herself how to sing once again, by using muscle memory. Mandy also uses visual tuners to aid her. While at the performance at America’s Got Talent, she had the communication assistance with the use of an interpreter, who stood adjacent to Simon Cowell.

As the performance reached its close, Mandy received a standing ovation from the crowd after she played her ukulele instrument and belted out some powerful voices. The audience seemed to be stunned and in awe of her talent.

The song she performed was written by her simply titled “Try”. Perhaps a record deal is soon for this young musician. She also has since become an inspiration for those who are handicapped as they are also cheering her on. She has earned a pass to the live semifinal segment of the talent show.

Mandy told judge Simon Cowell. “Basically, I got sick and my nerves deteriorated. I left music after I lost my hearing and then figured out how to get back into singing with muscle memory, using visual tuners and trusting my pitch.” Let’s see what she does on the next episode of America’s Got Talent.

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